Fehmarn island

Fehmarn – in the middle of the sea!
Fehmarn – the only island in the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic, not just known as a site for a fantastic camping vacation. In particular, the island invites all those that know exactly what a personal vacation should feel like. Because here you find what you’re looking for! Amazing nature, a great deal of life, true island flair and endless beaches – and you decide what you want to experience!

You’ll experience the typical Fehmarn island feeling as soon as you cross the bridge over the Fehmarn Sound, leaving the mainland behind. Wonderful days will await you – and you can fill them with all sorts of events or just spend your time relaxing. Whether you prefer water activities or love nature, like to spend time on your own or socialize, prefer activities or peace and quiet – there is so much to do on Fehmarn, that you will hardly know where to start.

The vacation programs are just as varied as nature: They range from a variety activities to numerous fantastic events. On the beach, during sporting activities or in nature. They may be spontaneous or well-planned, and always very flexible or in keeping with your own wishes. The best thing about it is that Fehmarn can easily be reached – your island vacation is close by.